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“At KPF our aspiration, from the earliest days, was to find a way for tall buildings to create a more ‘social’ interaction with the cities that they inhabit. The role of the building within the city is much like the role of an individual at a cocktail party. To have a good party, the individuals can’t stand isolated from each other – they need to generate some form of conversation. Similarly, tall buildings need to find a way to be able to respond and gesture to their context.”

William Pedersen discusses the design 52 Lime Street, with architects Paul Simovic and Charles Olsen, in this short video. Known as The Scalpel, this striking 190-metre office is a considered addition to the City of London. The building works in conversation with its neighbours to complement the overall composition of the ‘City Cluster’ whilst improving the public realm at the base with the introduction of a new public plaza.