Ping An Financial Center, Jinan

A landmark mixed-use tower, the Ping An Financial Center creates a balanced asymmetric pair with its neighbor, the Metropolis Vanke Center, and connects directly with the city’s MTR system.

At the podium levels, a network of connecting spaces and streets creates diversity of experience and comfortable, human-scaled environments to embed the tower into the urban fabric and create a new neighbourhood.

The design of the tower picks up the masterplan concept of ‘river’. Through the exploration of traditional themes in Chinese scroll art, an architectural language has been developed that expresses the idea of a sinuous, flowing water curtain, within the tapering geometry of the tower. At the crown of the building, a lush sky garden is being created, partially open to the elements.

Designed simultaneously with the Metropolis Vanke Center, while each building has its own identity the towers are conceived as companions with contrasting and complementing forms. The massing of each tower, the rhythm of the facade articulation and carefully considered materials strengthen the relationship between the two.

The Ping An Financial Center is located at the heart of Jinan’s new CDB, at the confluence of two new linear parks. The tower shares a podium with the Metropolis Vanke Center and at the podium levels a latticework of streets, urban squares, and outdoor rooms create a village-like environment. This network of interconnecting spaces sponsors a retail experience that allows for a sense of ‘discovery’. Just as the lattice blurs the boundary between inside and outside, the podium massing is permeable at the edges, inviting people in.


Jinan, China


Ping An Real Estate


Hospitality, Office, Retail, Supertall


173,888 m2 / 1,871,713 ft2


360 m / 1180 ft

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Project Type:Mixed-Use
Project Location:Asia Pacific