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KPF Names Four New Principals in Spring 2021 Promotions

KPF is pleased to announce the promotion of Andrew Cleary, Bruce Fisher, Elie Gamburg, and Lauren Schmidt to Principal, alongside 9 new Directors, 17 Senior Associate Principals, and 23 Associate Principals.


Andrew Cleary

Since joining KPF in 1997, Andrew has cultivated particular expertise in the technical coordination of complex, full-service work, navigating some of the firm’s most formidable endeavors across varied sectors. Key to his approach is technical integration at the onset of concept design, seen in projects such as Infinity Tower and Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Andrew’s recent work includes the complex, transit-connected One Vanderbilt, aided by his knowledge of New York City zoning codes. “KPF is an exceptional place and it’s only getting better. A note of gratitude to all those who supported and motivated me throughout the years, and for my part, I’ll endeavor to do the same in the years to come,” Andrew said.

Bruce Fisher

Bruce co-leads KPF Urban, a specialist group that brings together master planning and architecture with KPF’s data-driven design and environmental practice to create more connected, sustainable, and equitable cities. Bruce has lead projects such as the 3,000-hectare BSD City in Jakarta, Vattanacville, a pedestrian-oriented development in Cambodia, and the mixed-use 18 Robinson in Singapore’s Central Bussiness District. Bruce said, “I am incredibly appreciative and inspired by the people I work with every day… It’s very special in this office, the collective group and the way treat each other. I’m looking forward to the opportunities ahead.”

Elie Gamburg

Elie has 20 years of experience creating innovative designs for cities, institutions, companies, and developers. Across a wide range of project types around the world, Elie’s work is consistently sensitive to a human scale, an urban context, and sustainable practices. Specializing in complex planning and design visions at all scales, Elie designed two projects in Boston, Seaport Square Master Plan and Channelside. Striking forms and complex stacking are also common traits of Elie’s work, seen in Dubai’s Royal Atlantis and NYU Shanghai. “When you get to work with people on amazing projects and learn from people every day, it’s easy to be enthusiastic.” Elie said, “I look forward to learning more in the next 20 years.”

Lauren Schmidt

The youngest woman in KPF’s history to be named Principal, Lauren is invaluable to projects of all types, coordinating with multiple stakeholders, consultants and design teams, and overseeing projects through all phases. She has served as designer and manager for some of KPF’s most notable and complex New York City projects, including One Jackson Square, 55 Hudson Yards, Hudson Commons, and 660 Fifth Avenue. “Thank you to everyone. I really look forward to working with all of you. I am honored to learn from everyone and be supported every day.”


Ted Carpinelli

Ted Carpinelli is an architectural designer and technical coordinator with more than 20 years of experience at KPF. Since joining in 2000, he has brought valuable technical knowledge and problem-solving skills to several of the firm’s most notable projects, spanning residential, commercial and institutional developments. Ted’s critical understanding of systems was utilized for 27 Wooster Street, HKUST(GZ), and 64 University Place.

Manman Huang

Bringing almost two decades of professional experience in the United States and Asia, with a focus on supertall and complex, urban projects, Manman guides teams to work constructively and collaboratively. Expert in logistical planning for leading international projects, she has a keen ability to grasp her clients’ needs, helping her teams translate these into appropriate design solutions. Since joining KPF in 2003, Manman has been instrumental in several of the firm’s most notable projects including the award-winning China Zun Tower, Citymark Tower, and Suzhou Huamao Center.

Min Kim

Min Kim has more than two decades of architectural design experience, having worked on a breadth of projects throughout the United States and Asia. Since joining KPF in 2001, he has contributed to the design of many residential, hospitality, and mixed-use projects. Min’s work has a common theme of sustainability, showcased in the Prudential Headquarters building in New Jersey. Other projects in Min’s portfolio are 27 Wooster Street, Prince Bay Taiziwan Plots, and Citymark Center.

Sam Li

As a Director in KPF’s Shanghai office, Samuel has served as a guiding figure for many high profile, commercial developments in China since joining the firm in 2008, bringing a wide range of experience in architectural and interior design, construction management, and project management. Sam uses his fluency in English, Putonghua, and Shanghai’s dialect to facilitate proper communication, timely coordination, and efficient delivery between KPF and local teams. Sam’s work includes Qiantan Center, the Chengdu Tianfu Supertall, and SOHO Gubei.

Enrique Ramos

Enrique has worked on some of the firm’s most inspirational projects, covering a broad range of sectors with a focus on complex mixed-use developments. Having lived and practiced in Spain, France, Canada, and the UK Enrique is fluent in Spanish and French. This is fundamental to his understanding of architecture and the importance of cultural diversity, seen in projects such as Ziraat Bank Headquarters and Beijing Century City.

Greg Mell

Since joining KPF in 2006, Greg Mell has worked on a variety of project types throughout the United States and Asia, ranging from contemporary workplace and commercial buildings, such as Centra Metropark and 10 Hudson Yards, to academic facilities and community centers, including the STAR Center and University of Michigan’s Football Performance Center. As Director, Greg excels in managing teams large and small to execute some of the firm’s most ambitious projects efficiently and comprehensively.

Maciej Olczyk

Maciej believes that great architecture arises from open and forward-thinking ideas, nurtured and developed by committed teams, following efficient and tested design processes. He has a wealth of experience in large-scale mixed-use, hospitality, and residential projects in Europe, India, and the Far East, such as the MGM Cotai and Place de l’Etoile. He enjoys putting user experiences first and has a unique ability to balance imaginative thinking with pragmatism.

Karen Pui

Karen has more than 15 years’ experience in a variety of building types across Asia, the Middle East, and Europe, spanning large-scale mixed-use buildings, high-end residential, masterplanning, cultural and commercial developments, such as Abu Dhabi International Airport and Capital Markets Authority Headquarters. She believes in integrating sustainability in all projects, to mitigate their environmental impact, presenting the most efficient solutions for the wellbeing of end-users and future generations.

John Winkler

A designer with over 20 years of experience, John believes architecture is as much about building relationships as building buildings. He applies this philosophy collaborating closely with clients on mixed-use, residential, and cultural projects of varied scales around the world. John believes that every project begins with a unique question relevant to its physical, social, and cultural space and that his role is not only to provide a solution, but to help define the question itself. His work includes One Shenzhen Bay, TP Link Headquarters, and 10 South Van Ness.

Senior Associate Principals

Francesco Casella, Dora Dong, Ralph Gebara, Ji Soo Han, Kingsley Ho, Simone Luccichenti, Romina Olivera-Zuniga, Su Jin Park, Anna Pietrzak, Franz Prinsloo, Rachael Samuel, Charles Tsang, Wen-yu Tu, Octavio Ulloa-Thomas, Tulip Yeung, Loren Yu, and William Yumao.

Associate Principals

Frankie Au, Samiyah Bawamia, Nick Cao, Kathleen Cayetano, Edith Cho, Kamlla Csegzi, Carmine D’Alessandro, Sean Dempsey, Arianna Galan Montas, Rana Haddad, Shannon Hayes, Wesley Ho, Colin Joyce, Maxime Leclerc, Johnny Lin, Carol Nung, Wei Tun Shi, Michael Smith, Shuo Tang, Simon Wimble, Charles Wong, Yi Wu, and Yi Yang.