The design for 17xM innovates on the typical DC office block by utilizing a dynamic form to dramatically increase the number of perimeter offices per floor, enclosed by an articulated façade that pushes the boundaries of sustainability and craft.

The building’s angular plan began with a close analysis of the site, seeking ways to maximize views and office perimeter while minimizing the deep, dark spaces typical of larger DC office blocks. The project delivers a more inviting urban experience by creating meaningful pockets of public space while pulling back in key areas from the street wall to offer visual relief and mark an entry.

To achieve LEED Gold, the project façade features a dynamic interplay of horizontal cells and vertical sun-screens, both optimized to maximize the insulating value of the wall, daylight penetration for offices, and solar control. Specifying a low-carbon concrete mix that emits 20% less carbon to produce than average for the building’s structure reduced the project’s entire embodied carbon footprint by 15%, or over 2,000 tons. Other sustainable components include a green roof to assist in stormwater control, high efficiency MEP systems, and local, recycled, and natural construction materials.


Washington DC, USA




Office, Retail


29,078 m2 / 313,000 ft2

embodied carbon reduction


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Project Type:Office
Project Location:Americas