14-18 Mosque Street

Centrally located in Hong Kong’s vibrant Mid-Levels neighborhood, 14-18 Mosque Street expertly navigates an extreme typography as well as a dense urban fabric.

The 94-unit residential tower sits halfway up the steep slope of Victoria Peak, in close proximity to the city’s landmark outdoor escalator system that links the neighborhood to the Central district below. Dialectical in nature, the building’s design explores the tension between indoors and outdoors, tranquility and activity, history and future, density and expanse.

The tower’s unique identity is defined by shifting cantilevered balconies that form an interlocking pattern at the corners of the building. Facing significant spatial and height challenges posed by neighboring development, the tower’s exterior maximizes individual unit area with two small balconies that extend the column-free corners within, effectively weaving the outside cityscape into the private residence. This rhythmic exterior softens the perceived scale of the building and shows deference to the surrounding historic building stock that is smaller in scale.

Residential amenities include open communal space, a street-level restaurant, and recreational and fitness facilities. The building boasts significant sustainability features, including a vegetated roof, fritted and double-glazed glass, natural ventilation, and energy-efficient lighting.


Hong Kong, China


Soundwill Group


LTL (LDI), Steven Leung (Interior Designer)




3,200 m2 / 33,600 ft2


94 Residences

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Project Type:Residential
Project Location:Asia Pacific