Brian Chung




Bachelor of Architecture,
Cornell University College of Architecture, Art & Planning

Over two decades designing projects in rapidly growing parts of China and Korea, Brian has played a key role in establishing KPF as a major force in Asia. As a Director, he has worked on both master plans and individual buildings and in historic districts as well as newly emerging areas. Taken together, his projects express a narrative about the modern urban experience and how people live and work in an ever-changing environment.

Many of his endeavors explore the interface of technology, learning, and work and feature an architectural language that helps varied clients communicate their unique values and identities. For the new Hong Kong University of Science and Technology campus in Guangzhou, he created a central hub that brings together research, teaching, and office functions and connects indoor and outdoor spaces. For a similarly large-scale R&D campus for Oppo in Dongguan, China’s Silicon Valley, Brian employed a curvilinear geometry that enhances connectivity and collaboration.

Much of his work has addressed issues of scale. In his master plans for New Songdo City in South Korea and Meixi Lake in China, he created urban fabrics that encourage pedestrian activity and engage the individual. The same concerns underpin large architectural projects such as the Jing An Kerry Centre in Shanghai and the Dongdaegu Transportation Hub in South Korea. In his designs for high-rises such as the China Resources Tower in Shenzhen and SOHO Gubei in Shanghai, he combined sculptural form with concern for craft to make them work on both the skyline and the street.