North Bund (Lot 91), China. Credit: SAN.

North Bund (Lot 91), China. Credit: Atchain.

Chengdu Tianfu Supertall

Chengdu Tianfu Supertall, China. Credit: Atchain.

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James von Klemperer Presents ‘Higher Purpose: The Supertall Tower as a Civic Building’ at the CTBUH International Conference

On October 16, the KPF President presented two new projects, Chengdu Tianfu Supertall and North Bund (Lot 91), at the Humanizing High Density Conference in Singapore.

In his talk, Jamie looked at the evolution of tall buildings in China, and present two exemplary new projects, each of which give back to the wider city and demonstrate the value of the supertall tower in contemporary Chinese urbanism.

At 498m, Chengdu Tianfu Supertall combines a national and local agenda, referencing the heritage of Chengdu and the westward expansion of the city, with elevated public space laddered up the height of the building.

North Bund (Lot 91), in Shanghai, is an expression of Shanghai’s geographic character. The project, which broke ground in March 2023, is 99 stories tall and has been conceived as a mixed-use vertical city with a civic hall at the summit.

The CTBUH international conference ‘Humanizing High Density’ was held in Singapore, October 16-18. Find out more about the conference and see the full program of talks and presentations here.