OPPO Binhai Bay Campus

Finding elegance in the simplicity of form, the design for OPPO Binhai Bay embraces the foundations of the technology industry – innovation, fabrication, and the machine – while creating spaces that provide inspiration, achieved through the juxtaposition of buildings and nature.

A central reflecting pool stretches the full length of the tech campus, gesturing to the South China Sea and positioning nature as the primary organizer of the site. The pool unifies the main structures of the development as well as the floating circular pavilions that house the Visitor Center and Guard House. The glass walls and stainless-steel roofs complement the fluid nature of the water through transparency and reflection.

Running parallel to the reflecting pool, a landscaped, low-rise building appears to emerge from the ground, marked by its lush, green rooftop. This three-story structure—home to a multipurpose room, an exhibition hall, and terraces on each floor—is positioned perpendicularly to the main R&D building. An indoor/outdoor feature stair provides direct access to the building’s outdoor spaces, which are nestled within its gentle slope to ground level.

The L-shaped building appears to cantilever above the landscaped building, providing it with its distinctive form, and is home to the campus’ Research and Development center. Users are welcomed via a three-story lobby that connects to a central atrium positioned above the reflecting pool. Multiple levels of bridges span the atrium, connecting floors of offices and meeting rooms on opposite sides of the building with walkways and large, disc-like platforms that provide alcoves for impromptu interactions and meetings.

The rectangular R&D center is juxtaposed by the oval Canteen, both in form and material warmth. Extending to overlap with the reflecting pool, the canteen serves people from OPPO factories and dormitories within the same superblock.


Dongguan, China




科研 + 医疗


107,000 m2 / 1,154,000 ft2

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Project Type:科研 + 医疗
Project Location:亚洲