OPPO Chongqing

With an emphasis on collaboration and connection, the OPPO campus in Chongqing employs rational geometry and articulate landscaping to foster a neighborhood for research and development within a single structure.

Conceived for a company that pioneers the latest design and engineering advances in the smartphone industry, KPF’s work in Chongqing echoes its concurrent design for OPPO’s headquarters in Dongguan, China. Both projects feature interconnected circles in plan, reflecting OPPO’s emphasis on their work process and the flow of knowledge and information. In Chongqing, the building is part of a larger factory campus designed for OPPO’s research and development efforts, all the while engaging its dual urban-rural environment.

This approach manifests as an ellipse inscribed in the city’s sloped topography. The stepped ground and roof planes are the reflection of Chongqing’s natural landform.Inner circular bridges become collaborative meeting places that link the linear volumes across the ellipse, providing a series of rooftop terraces that look onto the lake and factory beyond. These design adaptations reflect how circles act as collectors in this landscape: outdoor amphitheaters, boathouses, lake-side pavilions, floating teahouse, and more.


Chongqing, China




Office, Research + Healthcare


100,000 m2 / 1,076,391 ft2

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Project Type:Research + Healthcare
Project Location:Asia Pacific