Victoria Dockside

Victoria Dockside

Located at the tip of Kowloon Peninsula, the reimagined Victoria Dockside is a vibrant, mixed-use development at the heart of Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbor.

The new art and design district knits hotel, office, and cultural components with outdoor public space and gardens, reactivating the waterfront public realm. The architectural diversity of the site emulates the varied program elements, while the use of stone, glass, and metal finishes provides a rich materiality. 

The Rosewood Tower, comprising short-stay hotel amenities, serviced residences, and boutique office space, announces the neighborhood along the waterfront.  The landmark tower’s stepped, irregular massing expresses its multiple programmatic divisions while maintaining a cohesive exterior language. Panoramic glass insets offer unobstructed views of Victoria Harbor, while stone piers communicate the tower’s verticality.  From other neighborhoods in Hong Kong, the tower’s disposition shifts depending on one’s vantage, contributing to a dynamic skyline experience. 

Countering the tower’s upward expression, a remodeled, mid-rise structure expresses undulating, horizontal ribbons along its façade, generating texture and balcony spaces. Home to both cultural amenities and serviced apartments, the complex connects directly to an underground pedestrian corridor and public transportation. A number of the world’s pre-eminent interior designers each led separate major floors, resulting in a diverse collection of specific environments held within a unified exterior vernacular.


Hong Kong, China


New World Development


James Corner Field Operations (Landscape Architect)


Hospitality, Master Plan, Mixed-Use


278,700 m2 / 3,000,000 ft2
Victoria Dockside Vertical 1
Victoria Dockside Vertical 2
Victoria Dockside Horizontal 2

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Project Type:Hospitality
Project Location:Asia Pacific