TCC Hoping

Eco-Valley Master Plan

TCC Hoping reimagines a concrete manufacturing complex into a living laboratory, exhibiting the harmonious relationship that can exist between the built, cultural, and natural environment.

Conceived as an extension of the adjacent mountain form on Taiwan’s east coast, TCC Hoping integrates cultural components throughout the manufacturing facility for the cement production and waste incineration plant. Green elements such as public parks complement the sustainable goals and renewable resources featured in the project, including a renewable resource recycling center, a carbon capture facility, and a seed conservation center.

The park and buildings are woven together, creating a new cultural destination for Taiwan, prioritizing community engagement and social responsibility. A multi-function venue, an outdoor amphitheater, a Water Garden, and a retail village invite the public and encourage them to interact with the renewable resources on site. Thoughtful landscaping of the Water Garden and amphitheater highlight the region’s natural beauty.

Using local indigenous culture, environmental conservation, and industry tactics, TCC Hoping utilizes byproducts from onsite functions to fuel additional activities, such as using carbon dioxide from cement production to feed algae. Each building has public programs allowing visitors to raise their awareness of the local cultural heritage and environmental concerns through events, exhibitions, and hands-on workshops.


Xiulin Township, Taiwan


Taiwan Cement Company


Adaptive Reuse, Civic + Cultural, Mixed-Use, Public Realm, Retail


25,800 m2 / 278,000 ft2

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Project Type:Civic + Cultural
Project Location:Asia Pacific