SCOPE Langsuan

Located in the center of one of Bangkok’s most desirable and evolving neighborhoods, SCOPE Langsuan reimagines luxury living with its elegant rationality and sleek, modern detailing.

SCOPE Langsuan combines modern and traditional elements to create luxury innovative living spaces. The dynamic façade features delicate glass “creases” and stainless steel fins which ripple across the building’s surface, imitating the dynamic visual rhythm of traditional multi-layered Thai roofs. Variations in the glass surface differentiate the building’s sections: creased windows for the residential units located in the two outside slabs and an organic fritted glass wall for the core. Luxurious private balconies and the expansive use of glass create a dramatic visual experience not only for residents looking out to the city but also for external viewers. SCOPE Langsuan promotes the essential Thai attitude of hospitality and generosity, represented by the building’s openness and interior visibility.

SCOPE Langsuan imagines luxury living through its first-class amenities in the central podium: a pool, fitness center, outdoor terrace, multi-purpose spaces, and an automatic parking garage. The tri-partite design offers clear organization and rigidity yet remains organic in its looseness and flow. The balance of communal and private spaces as well as modern yet expressive elements claim SCOPE Langsuan as an optimal living space.


Bangkok, Thailand


SCOPE Co., Ltd.


Tandem Architects (Architect of Record), Thomas Juul-Hansen LLC (Interior Designer)




30,000 m2 / 323,900 ft2


133 Residences

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Project Type:Residential
Project Location:Asia Pacific