Place de l’Etoile

Place de L’Etoile is a microcosm of the city, as the urban plan presents a diversity and variation that supports its transformation into a modern urban district for Luxembourg.

In the tradition of a Luxembourg town building, KPF took an integrated, communitarian approach, weaving together architecture and communal space with public transportation. The square, an urban room at the city center, amends the space occupied by the Route d’Arlon with a layered public realm that alleviates congestion. This status is reinforced through the integration of a new tram line that runs through the development. Beyond the square, a network of interlocking courtyards and passages add texture and variety to the circulation experience, linked by destinations of commercial activity. The upper level is close in elevation to the existing site, while a lower level is on par with the Val Sainte Croix, separating modes of transportation including a bus terminal and below-grade parking.

The design reconciles the suburban character of its surroundings and transforms it to a metropolitan scale, promoting a live-work model and avoiding a distinct monoculture. Buildings at the center of the site frame the square and the Route d’Arlon, then ease down at the perimeters to meet the pedestrian level. The distribution of uses abides by contextual and functional relationships. Two office buildings face the city, the most prominent and busy frontage with direct transit access, while the western residential buildings sit closest to the existing neighborhood and offer protection from traffic noise in the elevated square. The plan proposes universal modules that can accommodate future revisions to the district without sacrificing space, while the granular topography opens a roofscape area to future gardens.


Luxembourg, Luxembourg


Mixed-Use, Planning + Urban Design, Public Realm, Transportation


117,850 m2 / 1,268,526 ft2


600 Residences

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Project Type:Mixed-Use
Project Location:Europe