Perfect Auto Center

With an innovative blend of programs and an aerodynamic façade, the design of Perfect Auto Center represents the investment group’s founding principles aimed at leading the finance industry and sponsoring a sustainable future.

Located along a tree-lined urban corridor within the Bao’an district, Perfect Auto Center sets the architectural tone for the developing district and honors the Hakka cultural values. Two towers featuring office, retail, and a car showroom comprise the development, with the taller tower placed at the street corner and the lower building set midblock. The space between the towers occupies two planes: at ground level is a public plaza activated by retail shopfronts, and above, bridges span the structures to provide viewers with a glimpse of cars in transit. The route continues with a ramp that wraps around the taller tower.

The taller tower’s façade features a diagonal expression layered on top of an elegant glass curtain wall. Composed of stainless steel fins and perforated metal panels, the resulting shape suggests the aerodynamic nuance of auto body design. With a graceful twist from top to bottom, the panels soar across the façade creating a staggered pattern. The smaller tower translates this diagonal motif into a more solid expression, binding the project into a cohesive whole.

Acknowledging the impact of personal vehicles on the environment, as well as the growing importance of reducing emissions and prioritizing eco-friendly features, Perfect Auto Center incorporates multiple sustainability devices. Solar PV panels, Low-E glazing, and passive and active shading are all present throughout the façade. The lower tower includes a green roof to assist with gray water and stormwater collection.


Shenzhen, China


Perfect Investment Group


Office, Retail


76,900 m2 / 828,000 ft2

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Project Type:Office