Meixi Lake

Meixi Lake establishes a paradigm of living in balance with nature.

The master plan is densely concentrated, offering a variety of functions and building types that seamlessly integrate with the surrounding mountains, lakes, parks and canals. The result is an environment that promotes both health and prosperity. Located within the larger, metropolitan area of Changsha, Meixi Lake offers a new model for the future of a Chinese city and development around the world.

Water is the primary element of design, the heart and center of the master plan. A 40 hectare lake is the “central park” of the city, providing transportation and space for gardens and cultural events. Linked with a series of radial canals are eight neighborhood clusters that house 10,000 people each. Transportation by boat is highly prevalent, reducing the need for automobiles and pollution.

The radial geometry of the city plan allows for a highly efficient transport system, reducing potential pollution and energy use. Additional sustainable strategies include gray and black water collection systems, distributed energy plants and urban agriculture. Advanced environmental engineering, pedestrian planning, cluster zoning and garden integration are all integral components of this holistic design.


Changsha, China


Gale International


Education, Research + Healthcare


Best Planning Project – China (Business Weekly/Architectural Record Good Design is Good Business Awards 2010)

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Project Location:Asia Pacific