LVGEM Baishizhou

The LVGEM Baishizhou development introduces a new model for sustainable urban living, accommodating a new community with over 2.3 million square meters of residential development distributed in a highly dense, mixed-use, vertical city.

The development is divided into separate neighbourhoods mixing residential program with retail and public amenities, while a cluster of commercial towers articulate the skyline. As new ways of living in vertical communities are hosted in a harmonious series of building clusters, the plinths allow the vibrant public life of the current communities to prosper. Public life permeates the building blocks via streets, passages and courtyards on the ground floor and elevated public levels connecting the sequence via pedestrian bridges. By gradually breaking down the large building volumes into smaller entities through penetrations, bridge links and façade articulation a human scale is achieved despite the high density.

The project includes a state-of-the art public transport system. Connections to the current subway system allow direct links to Shenzhen and local destinations. Cars travel will be possible yet re-routed to large-scale underground parking to preserve the pedestrian-friendly environment and encourage public transport as the main mode for faster, more sustainable travel. The flexible system is designed to incorporate new AV technologies and further technological developments. Altogether, the infrastructure, public space and buildings work together to provide a future-proofed paradigm for 21st century living.


Shenzhen, China


Mixed-Use, Office, Planning + Urban Design, Residential, Retail


3,580,000 m2 / 38,500,000 ft2

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Project Type:Mixed-Use
Project Location:Asia Pacific