Central to the ongoing renewal of Düsseldorf’s business district along the Kennedydamm, the Gateway catalyzes a new era for the German capital while creating a sensitive transition to the surrounding area.

Theatrical aspects of fashion and display inspired the response to the highly visible location on the thoroughfare between the expo center and the airport. A dramatic glass atrium provides both a stage to, and a haven from, the city. This towering space is broken up by colorful, multi-floor meeting cubes, communal terraces, and flexible event spaces, all clearly articulated and unmistakable, defining the aesthetic of the roadside façade.

The 92-meter tower is naturally blended into its context with an array of smaller structures and green spaces and accents. The scale of these peripheral buildings steps across the site, and a public square is created between them and the tower. This public realm is a key focus of the design. It incorporates comprehensive landscaping that includes roof terraces, green walls, and a new pedestrian connection, all increasing permeability through the site.

The Gateway, together with the existing Sky Office and L’Oreal buildings, will become the entrance to the city from the Kennedydamm and a visual marker, providing a new identity and increased visibility from the north of the city.


Düsseldorf, Germany


Development Partner AG




45,000 m2

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Project Type:Office
Project Location:Europe