Faria Lima Plaza

Inspired by the warm embrace of two dancing figures, Faria Lima Plaza’s dynamic, interlocking form acts as a marker on the thoroughfare toward São Paulo’s flourishing financial district.

Rising 126 meters above the surrounding plaza, the office tower’s bronze-tinted glass façade reflects the São Paulo skyline in a warm tone, subtly altering the mirrored view as the tectonic form shifts. Supported by 11-meter columns, the full composition sits atop a stepped platform of contrasting white granite. A shaded public space beneath the raised structure provides a place of respite for office workers and community members, offering seating and serene water features within the landscaped plaza.

Faria Lima Plaza’s striking elegance conceals its structural intricacy. Skillful engineering enabled the dominant positive and negative angles of the façades, as well as the way in which the structure meets the curtain wall. Floor plates vary slightly in size as the tower ascends, changing shape floor by floor to allow for a variety of tenant options and flexibility.

Located along a main avenue at the intersection between recent and future urban development, Faria Lima Plaza’s dynamic design is indicative of the project’s transformative impact on its context. The development improves quality of life in the area with investments in public space and urban mobility, providing direct access to the subway, bus terminal, bicycle path, and commuter train station. Six levels of below-grade garage space offers car, motorcycle, and bike parking, as well as electric vehicle charging stations. The project is pre-certified LEED Gold.


São Paulo, Brazil


REC Faria Lima Plaza Empreendimentos, Participações e Serviços SA


KOM (Associate Architect)




41,500 m2 / 446,700 ft2

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Project Type:Office
Project Location:Americas