CEU Vienna Campus

Central European University

KPF’s scheme will enable the transformation of the Otto-Wagner-Hospital into the new permanent campus for the Central European University.

Drawing on their experience of preserving heritage buildings in London and in New York, KPF is intent on respecting the historical value of the campus. Working closely with the City of Vienna, Vienna Monument Protection and the adjacent community, KPF will protect the landmark virtues of the site and enhance the Otto Wagner legacy. The exterior aspect of the c.1910 buildings and the immediate landscape context will be preserved. The major changes envisioned involve the configuration of the interior, where intercommunicating spaces will open up study areas to natural light.

The transformation of these buildings will follow the strong sustainability agenda that is fundamental to today’s practice.


Vienna, Austria


Central European University


Atelier Architekt Palme, iC Group


Adaptive Reuse, Education, Public Realm


35,000 m2 / 376,736 ft2

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Project Type:Adaptive Reuse
Project Location:Europe