Chad Christie




Bachelor of Architecture,
Cornell University College of Architecture, Art and Planning

Since joining KPF in 2009, Chad has worked on a wide range of projects, including mixed-use towers and master plans, offices and headquarters, retail developments, residential complexes, hotels, academic facilities and cultural destinations. Chad brings a global perspective to his work, with extensive experience in North America, Europe, the Middle East, and China.

Chad’s approach to design is rooted in an appreciation of craft and materiality, integration of nature, and promotion of wellness. Pursuing authenticity in design, he brings as much rigor to the development of the smallest detail as to the overall vision for a project.

In Tampa, for example, Chad drew inspiration from natural, non-repetitive patterns to develop the dynamic concrete façades of Heron, a pair of residential towers. He also played a key role on ASU’s McCord Hall, which leverages the desert sun to create an interplay of light and shadow on the textured brick façade.

Chad brings a collaborative spirit to every project, resulting in successful partnerships with all its contributors and stakeholders. This ability is evident in the key role he played on Hudson Yards, one of the highest profile developments in 21st century New York City.

Chad’s work has been published in Architectural Diagrams as part of the Construction and Design Manual Series, and his “BioZone” project was featured in “Responsive Systems Group” DD 27: Networks and Environments – Servo . He coordinates KPF’s internal series of Evening Session lectures, which look at current projects and trends within the industry.