The lobby of 30 Hudson Yards. Credit: Connie Zhou.

30 Hudson Yards seen from New Jersey. Credit: Connie Zhou.

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Marianne Kwok and Claudia Cusumano Lead BWAF Friends Tour of 30 Hudson Yards

The KPF Directors guided a tour through the Hudson Yards supertall, providing a behind-the-scenes look for the Beverly Willis Architecture Foundation (BWAF) Friends program.

BWAF invited patrons of its Friends program to spend a day in Hudson Yards, with guided tours of the KPF-designed 30 Hudson Yards and the BIG-designed The Spiral, led by the building architects and developers. Claudia and Marianne recounted the decades-long process of planning the neighborhood and KPF’s work designing multiple buildings spanning various programs. 30 Hudson Yards is New York’s third tallest office building and is home to the highest outdoor observation deck in the Western Hemisphere, Edge. The group focused on the lobby design, which features eight primary materials, and the Related offices. Claudia and Marianne were joined by Serge Appel of Related Companies.

A reception followed the tours, where guests participated in a discussion on the benefits of collaboration between architects, engineers, and developers. Learn more about the program here.

BWAF was created by the pioneering architect Beverly Willis in 2002 to acknowledge, cultivate, and value women’s contributions and achievements in the building industry.