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Luc Wilson and Justyna Szychowska Advise IAAC Masters Students

Members from KPF’s Urban Interface team participated in a final pinup session for students completing their Master in Advanced Computation for Architecture & Design.

At the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC) Barcelona, students pursuing their MaCAD in Building Information Modeling and Smart Construction complete five modules over three months. With March marking the end of module, for the final course, Digital Tools for Cloud-Based Data Management, students conducted their final pinup session and were joined by industry experts who provide input on the content. Justyna, a Computational Designer at KPF, co-taught the course alongside David Andres Leon, IAAC Head of Computational Design. The course teaches students how to build web applications that leverage Rhino.Compute and Grasshopper scripts. Luc, Director of KPFui, sat on the jury, alongside Brandon Pachuca, Urban Data Scientist + Web Developer at Solemna, and Andy Watts, Director of Design Technolgoy at Grimshaw. The group advised students on their work, providing feedback on their designs and creations.

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