Parkside Seoul. Credit: RAMKA.

Collaborators participating in the traditional ceremony.

The groundbreaking site.

KPF Celebrates Groundbreaking of The Parkside Seoul

Representatives from KPF’s Seoul office participated in the event, which included a traditional Korean ceremony.

Led by the project’s developer, Eleven, the ceremony was attended by multiple project collaborators, including Engineering Consultant Hyundai Engineering and Construction (HDEC); Local Construction Engineer Baro Construction; Local Architects da Group, Junglim Architect, and BAUM; and Structure Consultant Dawon Structural Engineer. The event included speeches from team leaders, a guided traditional ceremony, and an opportunity for attendees to enjoy refreshments together.

First unveiled in December, the development provides new residential buildings, a hotel, retail, and officetel spaces to Seoul. Neighboring Yongsan Park, the project incorporates greenery throughout, with tree-lined streets and public plazas at the ground plane and landscaped terraces above. The structure types are distinguished by the façade treatments: the residential building envelopes appear layered, the hotel’s is pixelated, and the office buildings appear rippled.