The application developed in the course to review the final submissions.

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Justyna Szychowska Teaches Digital Tools for Cloud-Based Data Management at IAAC

The KPF Software Developer returned to the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC) as a member of the teaching faculty for the Masters in Advanced Computation for Architecture & Design program.

The master’s program examines the latest digital software for design simulation, analysis, and optimization of digital data in architecture, offering a broad and advanced theoretical and practical knowledge of computational design. Justyna teaches alongside the Program Director David Andrés León, and KPF Global Director of Design Technology Luc Wilson served as a jury member for the final pin-up for the Digital Tools for Cloud-Based Data Management course.

As part of the course, the students worked with Justyna and David to build a web application that contained their final submissions.

Learn more about IAAC and the program here.