Unilever London Headquarters, London. Credit: H.G. Esch.

Southbank Tower, London. Credit: Timothy Soar.

Panorama St Paul’s, London. Credit: Uniform.

Hudson Commons, New York. Credit: H.G. Esch.

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John Bushell Discusses Adaptive Reuse at the AIA International Conference

On March 15, Principal John Bushell will present at the AIA International Conference in a session titled, “Reuse, Reimagine, Extend, Transform: Adopting a Hybrid Approach to Adaptive Reuse.”

The theme of this year’s three-day virtual conference is Decarbonising Construction.  John will discuss a selection of case studies designed by the firm, including Unilever House, a Grade II Listed building that preserved its exterior and modernised the interior to meet the demands of the contemporary workplace, South Bank Tower, a 1970s office tower converted into a mixed-use development on London’s South Bank, and Panorama St Paul’s, the transformation of an outdated mono-use office into a leading contemporary workplace on a new square in the City of London. John will also discuss Hudson Commons in New York, a hybrid development that radically improves an existing building and adds density in an appropriate location.

John has long been an advocate for architectural reuse, exploring the potential for sustainable development that improves the wider city. The talk will take place virtually on March 15 at 9:00 am, moderated by former AIA President and Secretary, Alex Miller.

Learn more about the Spring Conference, which is provided free for AIA members and non-members. Register to attend here.