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Anna Helms

Credit: Pavel Bendov.

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James von Klemperer Presents Pacific Gate at Façades+ San Diego

On May 12th, the KPF President and Design Principal spoke about the 41-story downtown tower, where he focused on how the façade design enhances the multifamily project.

In his presentation, “Pacific Gate: Multifamily Façade Design,” Jamie highlighted the tower’s oval-shaped structure and curved glass. The project’s east-west orientation minimizes exposure to western sunlight while maximizing the downtown view corridor towards the waterfront. Vertical, painted metal fins accentuate the tower’s height and help to enhance energy performance by blocking heat from direct sunlight. Additionally, he explored how the tower’s design responds to its surroundings, overlooking Martin Luther King Promenade and Broadway, thoroughfares landscaped with lush greenery and rising palm trees.

The conference, presented by The Architect’s Newspaper, was held on May 12th at the Hard Rock Hotel, 207 Fifth Avenue in San Diego, CA. Learn more about the event here.