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Bruce Fisher Presents on Urban Planning and Growth at the University of Toronto

On January 17th, the KPF Principal discussed the firm’s approach to planning, through case studies across three continents that showcase working methods in various urban environments.

In his presentation, “Intuition and Evidence: KPF urban planning, through analogue vision and evidence-based design,” Bruce provided insight into the design and process of Covent Garden, Internet+ City, and Downtown West, and how the firm utilizes its environmental performance and urban interface teams to measure design digitally. KPF’s work on Covent Garden reimagined the historic section of London to expand on the diversity of experiences while conserving its intrinsic qualities. Internet+ City comprises three office cluster neighborhoods, each close to nature and flexible in use. For Downtown West, KPF worked with a world-leading architecture and planning team to update a transit-oriented neighborhood and reinvigorate the western edge of Downtown San Jose for future growth.

The event was moderated by Naama Blonder and Sonia Mataj  as part of a special series on planning for growth hosted by Smart Density and University of Toronto’s School of Cities.

The presentation took place over Zoom on January 17th at 11:00 AM EST. Watch the full presentation above.