Endesa Headquarters

Endesa Headquarters

The headquarters for Spanish energy utility provider Endesa fuses innovative workplace design with a progressive environmental program.

The design transforms the Spanish building tradition of large, internal courtyards into a modern, climate-controlled solution for Madrid’s harsh winters. A 33,000 square foot atrium plays a central role, acting as the “lungs” of the building. Through an innovative design and operable windows the building is ventilated naturally, requiring no conventional air-conditioning.

The atrium also acts as the main circulation space, welcoming visitors and employees alike. Work spaces are arranged around the atrium and are flexible, adaptable to the company’s needs over time.


Madrid Spain




Rafael de La-Hoz Arquitectos S.L. (Associate Architect)


기업 본사


90,400 m2 / 972,600 ft2
Endesa-Headquarters P1 2
Endesa-Headquarters P2L
Endesa-Headquarters P2R
Endesa-Headquarters P3

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Project Type:기업 본사
Project Location:유럽