From Complexity to Clarity:
Scout by KPF Urban Interface

Scout, developed by KPF Urban Interface, is a shared web platform that helps our global firm gain quick, data-driven insights, present to clients, and engage with the community. Through Scout, KPF designers and collaborators explore and compare thousands of options, make more informed decisions, and enjoy the creative freedom of visualizing results in real time.

In September 2020, KPFui and the tool were honored with a Fast Company Innovation by Design Award in the Data Design category.

Scout has since been updated with new functionality, including Compare Mode, which allows users to dynamically cross-reference two model iterations side by side, Collection Mode, which enables users to save models for future reference and comparison, and Filter Mode, which sets modelling thresholds for inputs and outputs to find the best performing models based on user selection.

Check back often for new features and custom applications of the tool, such as the recent iteration featured in Quartz’s article as a digital twin for the fictional climate haven city of Leeside.