Capitalizing on the innovation, optimism, and inspiration of Shenzhen, TP Link LXD provides an exciting work environment to attract the best design and engineering talent in the world.

The project reimagines post-pandemic, collaborative space for the world’s leading wireless router provider. Shenzhen’s climate and workers’ desire to stay outside led to the creation of large terraces for both communal work and private breaks. To encourage health and wellness, these terraces are linked by a continuous ribbon of landscape that starts in the lobby and ascends to the building’s highest levels. This unique form of circulation binds together the project’s two office towers which, along with a dormitory tower, are anchored by retail on the ground floor.

Entrances at both the north and south allow for through-circulation, while a central atrium leads to the office lobbies and marks the “base camp” or starting point of the landscaped ribbon. A small, private lobby for the dormitory is located along the southern road. The lower tower floors are linked to provide large floorplates for technology tenants looking for a campus feel. Above, the Central Tower faces south while the East Tower faces north to maximize views from the most valuable office space.

In an instant neighborhood full of technology giants wanting to show architectural prowess through bold formal moves, TP Link LXD’s logic and function make using the building as exciting as looking at it from afar.


Shenzhen, China


TP Link Technologies Co., Ltd.


Office, Residential, Retail


124,600 m2 / 1,341,000 ft2


Gold – Best Futera Project (MIPIM Asia 2022)

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Project Type:Office
Project Location:Asia Pacific