Estée Lauder Singapore

The design of the Estée Lauder Singapore office takes advantage of unconventional floor plates to organize, celebrate, and provide tailored workspace for each of the company’s many brands.

Located within the DUO mixed-use development, Estée Lauder office occupies the 18th and 19th floors and is connected by a central marble staircase with brass detailing linking the two lobbies. At its base, a rock garden with shrubs furthers the serenity created by the brightness and open layout of the lobby.

Both floors consist of a multitude of office options. Large, open floor workspaces and individual offices take advantage of natural light and offer views over the southern end of the city, while small pods for moments of privacy and conference rooms of various sizes are also available for flexible use. In addition, communal spaces include kitchen and café areas with seating options to socialize.

The layout provides each of the brands within Estée Lauder its own space to showcase its style while maintaining an overall cohesiveness to the parent company. The Origins area showcases a mossy green wall and incorporates natural tones and textures with an abundance of mid-sized plants. The Clinique area is a fresh white design that plays with textures in the ceilings, floors, and furniture. MAC is bold with reflective black detailing and red accents. Across the two floors, the range in design displays the diversity in Estée Lauder brands while offering functional office space.




Estee Lauder Cosmetics Pte Ltd


Interiors, Office


6,063 m2 / 65,000 ft2

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Project Type:Interiors
Project Location:Asia Pacific