KPF’s London-based Director of Applied Research Cobus Bothma and New York-based VR Specialist Michael Koutsoubis remotely collaborate to explore the city of London.

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KPF VR Specialist Shares Best Practices for Virtual Collaboration

On Thursday, April 16th, KPF VR Specialist Michael Koutsoubis joined Iris VR CEO & Co-Founder Shane Scranton in Episode 1 of their web series.

In the inaugural Iris VR webinar, “Why VR, Why Now: How Teams Can Collaborate Remotely and Effectively”, Koutsoubis and Scranton discussed how remote work during the COVID-19 pandemic has drastically accelerated the adoption of VR in design reviews, and how VR collaboration can replicate in-person interactions between clients and designers.

During their conversation and Q&A, the two VR experts shared best practices and actionable takeaways to incorporate into virtual meetings, discussed how to set up VR meetings with teams who may not have the necessary hardware, and projected possible advancements that will continue after firms return to the office.

KPF’s Digital Practice and Applied Research teams focus on the impact of emerging technologies, often partnering with technology companies like Iris VR to develop new practices that shape the way we work and live.

To learn more about KPF’s technology teams and commitment to innovation, click here. To learn more about Iris VR and watch a recording of this session, click here.