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Trent Tesch Showcases 415 Natoma’s Duality at Zak World of Facades

On May 25th, the KPF Principal discussed how the form and façade design of the Class-A office building tie into the 5M urban plan and surrounding neighborhood.

Trent’s presentation, “415 Natoma: A Responsive Façade for New Urban Patterns,” recounted the decade long design process behind the San Francisco office tower. The project anchors the 5M SoMA development and displays thoughtful consideration for the nearby architectural language, including the low-rise, masonry buildings of West SOMA as well as the glass high-rises Downtown. Trent explored how the façade design reinforces the goals of the 5M neighborhood, how the diverse textures and patterns of the tower’s exterior enhances its form, and how large glass modules help mitigate scale.

The 121st edition of the global conference, and the first to be held in San Francisco, took place on May 25th from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM PDT at Parc 55. Learn more about the event here. Watch the full event here.