“London’s Growing Up: A Decade of Building Tall” Exhibition, The London Centre.

52 Lime Street, London. Credit: Hufton + Crow.

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The Scalpel Featured in NLA Tall Buildings Exhibition

A striking 1:100 model, built by KPF’s in-house modelshop, is showcased in “London’s Growing Up: A Decade of Building Tall”.

The exhibition sheds light on how tall buildings have transformed London over the last ten years, and how they are likely to continue to shape London into the future. Exploring the challenges, opportunities, and best practices in high-density, features insights from industry leaders and experts, a unique dataset and survey, case studies and models of iconic skyscrapers in London.

Completed in 2019, 52 Lime Street, more commonly known as The Scalpel, was an important addition to the City skyline. “At the outset of the project the city cluster was in its infancy,” said William Pedersen, co-founder of KPF. “At KPF, our aspiration from the earliest days was to find a way for tall buildings to create a more ‘social’ interaction with the cities they inhabit – they need to be able to respond and gesture to their context.”

“In the City of London what has been created, in effect, is a type of urban drama. 52 Lime Street responds by leaning back to respect the view corridor, creating a paired but mirrored gesture to the Leadenhall Building, which makes for an exceptional urban conversation, one which is theatrical in its nature.”

Visit the exhibition at The London Centre, which is open until July 06, to see how The Scalpel fits into the narrative of London’s evolving skyline. See full details here.