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Credit: Lemons Bucket.

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Peter Gross Presents 601 W. Pender at Zak World of Facades

On May 18th, the KPF Principal spoke at the 120th global edition of the conference, focusing on the tower’s innovative use of metal cladding systems for façade articulation.

The gridded façade of 601 West Pender complements its neighbor, the historic Rogers Building, angled to achieve a woven appearance that creates texture and depth. A warm metal in two finishes adds unexpected color and reflectivity, and counteracts the typically overcast local climate.

In his presentation “601 West Pender: A New Paradigm,” Peter explored the blending of nature and architecture throughout the 29-story tower. He shared the innovative integration of a dedicated outdoor air system (DOAS) with the façade and discuss how to maximize vision glass height within floor-to-floor limitations.

In addition to being the 120th global edition of the conference, the event was  the second to be held in Canada and the first to take place in Vancouver. The conference was held on May 18th at the Paradox Hotel Vancouver. Learn more about the event here.