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Lauren Schmidt Presents at Zak World of Façades Conference

On November 18th, the KPF Principal discussed the repositioning project 660 Fifth Avenue and its sustainable façade update at the 84th edition of the global conference.

660 Fifth Avenue modernizes a Midtown Manhattan building with a state-of-the-art façade that maximizes occupant comfort and reduces energy consumption. A curtain wall of extra-large glass panels provides mullion-free floor-to-ceiling windows, tripling the window area for offices compared to the original structure. The new façade allows for plentiful daylight to the interior spaces, and fulfills ambitious sustainable design criteria, optimizing the performance of the building’s high-efficiency heating and air systems. In addition to the façade, the update incorporates new terraces at multiple levels of the building, offering outdoor space on three sides, including along Fifth Avenue.

In her talk, Schmidt examined the challenges presented by the original building’s structural system, and explained how the façade’s unique design optimizes these constraints. For example, Schmidt noted how the inherent challenges of the building improve the sustainability of the project by reducing waste during the production of the glass panels.

The Zak World of Façades conference took place on November 18th at the Conrad Downtown in New York. The 84th edition of the conference globally and the 3rd to be held in the USA, this year’s event showcased innovations in the construction industry related to building envelopes. Learn more about the event here.