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Lauren Schmidt Shares Career Advice with Design Voice Podcast

In the episode, “Lessons in Leadership with Lauren Schmidt”, the KPF Principal outlines experiences that have helped guide her and gives advice to those emerging in the field.

In conversation with host Catherine Meng, Lauren elaborates on the importance of observation, communication, and other critical skills she has learned throughout her career at KPF, stressing the importance of mentorship and the necessity of having an outlet outside of architecture. She cites her time as a college athlete, noting that sports taught vital time management and leadership skills.

When discussing how to stand out in a large, international firm, Lauren states, “It’s really important that you’re willing to voice your opinion and participate in the conversation. You may be right, you may be wrong, but participating allows you to establish yourself as an individual, and that’s an important aspect of growing as an architect.”

Looking back on her work at KPF thus far, Lauren discusses One Jackson Square, the first project in which she played an integral role. She notes her pride in recent work at 55 Hudson Yards, for its overall design, quality of workspace, and ability to give back to the public area. The youngest woman in KPF’s history to be named Principal, Lauren also applies her experience through an integral role in the operations of the firm – overseeing recruitment, staffing, and mentorship alongside KPF’s senior leadership.

The Design Voice Podcast seeks to elevate and amplify the voices of women in the architecture, engineering, and construction professions. A previous episode featured KPF Principal Jill Lerner.

Listen to Lauren’s episode here.