Moonflower, first-place winner by Jonathan Dreyfus.

Mathematical Topology, second-place winner by Asli Oney.

Wobble Eggs, third-place winner by Madeleine Eggers.

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KPFLab Hosts 2022 Making Competition: Ornament Edition

For the fourth time, KPFLab closed out the year with a competition encouraging global staff to design 3D printed ornaments, channeling the holiday spirit.

Returning to the inaugural 2019 competition’s theme to create a holiday ornament, KPFLab asked employees to submit their 3D designs, which were printed and presented for a firm-wide vote to determine the top three winners. Some designers chose to stay close to the classic spherical ornament, while others pushed the boundaries of the traditional form.

The first-place winner, Jonathan Dreyfus, a Computational Practice Specialist in KPF’s London office, shared the story behind Moonflower, “Inspired by oriental patterns and dahlia flowers, the GH model was driven by a single point, a succession of graph mappers controlling 2 sets of master splines, then polar arrays mirroring and elliptical Booleans. I also wanted the ’petals’ to be stylized and slit at the end to give it more of an alien look.”

In second, Asli Oney, KPF’s New York Digital Fabrication Manager, explained that her design, Mathematical Topology, was “built with SphericalPlot3D in Wolfram Mathematica – where a sphere is suctioned at 6 points and deflated into a new topological geometry.”

The third-place design went to Wobble Eggs, designed by New York Architectural Designer Madeleine Eggers. She explained, “Playful shapes derived from periodic surfaces give these eggs a distinctly wavy, wobbly personality.”

Thank you to Asli Oney, Darwin Diaz, Sanobar Nazirova, Alex Sojka, Yolette Perry, and John Chu, along with the entire KFPLab community for making this year’s competition possible. Read about 2021’s snowflake competition here and 2020’s snow globe competition here.