KPF London Volunteers, Three Corners Adventure Playground.

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KPF Volunteers Get Busy at Three Corners Adventure Playground

A group of volunteers from the London office joined forces to undertake much-needed maintenance and preparations for a family event at the Islington facility.

The team helped Three Corners prepare for their Winter Warmer event, following a season without volunteer support where tasks had built up. Usually just for kids, the event invited families to experience the playground and socialise around the firepit. In preparation, KPF cleaned up the entire playground, making repairs to the outdoor kitchen, chopping wood for the fire, gardening, repainting, and decorating the area around the firepit for the weekend’s event.

“Volunteering at Three Corners was a really rewarding activity” said Laura King, KPF Director. “The Playground provides a free, safe place to play and explore for children with limited access to outside space. As a parent, I know how important it is for children to outside play space and it was particularly meaningful for me to support families and young people in Islington by helping staff to prepare for this event.” Learn more about KPF’s corporate responsibility initiatives here.

The Three Corners Adventure Playground is free to all six- to thirteen-year-olds living in Islington, providing children and young people a place to play in their own way and in their own time – to explore their physical limits, craft, and make friends.

The playground is run by Awesome, a not-for-profit organisation that provides support for some of the borough’s most vulnerable families. Awesome recognises the importance of play and its role in healthy development and is committed to providing free and safe play spaces across Islington. Find out more about Awesome’s work, donate, or volunteer here.