Zayed International Airport. Abu Dhabi. Credit: Victor Romero.

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KPF Presents “Mission: Possible – The Design of Zayed International Airport”

On June 5, Design Principal Mustafa Chehabeddine and Director Jens Hardvendel presented Zayed International Airport Terminal A as part of the London Festival of Architecture.

Having starred in Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One, Zayed International Airport Terminal A has already become a global icon.

One of the world’s most significant new buildings, the designers have reimagined what an airport can be. It is the first airport in the world to include all nine biometric touchpoints for a seamless journey and was designed for future flexibility. The vast, almost column free interiors were achieved by leaning arches, which span 180 meters at their widest point. Like the great innovations in station design in Victorian London, building these mega-arches pushed the boundaries of construction to set a new standard and deliver awe-inspiring spaces.

“With Terminal A, KPF has come up with a near-perfect concept. All airports should be like this,” said The Daily Mail. Click here for more information about the event.