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Ko Makabe Points Out 105 Victoria Street’s Green Features with Victoria Magazine

The KPF Principal explains how the design prioritizes sustainability and community connections to create an attractive workplace for today’s tenants.

105 Victoria Street, in London’s West End, reimagines what an office building can look like, with abundant greenery, plentiful public realm, and sustainable construction. That’s by design, according to Ko, who tells Victoria, “People now have choices about whether they come to the office. With 105 Victoria Street we wanted to design a place where people would want to be. That meant putting well-being first and also integrating the building into the surrounding community.” Instead of a lobby, the project’s central feature is an open-plan village square that will be accessible 24/7 and feature independent retail destinations and a multifunctional auditorium and event space.

Ko also points out that building greener, better connected buildings today is an investment in improving our cities over the long term. “We’ve put sustainability at the heart of this project so that we can look toward the future,” he says. Features such as a rooftop garden for growing crops and herbs, robust cycling infrastructure, and a highly energy efficient heating and cooling system will make 105 Victoria one of the greenest office addresses in London. Additionally, much of the building will be made of recycled or reclaimed material. “Our hope is that this new sustainable building will become a place where people love to spend time,” concludes Ko.

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