AWA AGORA episode featuring KPF Principal Josh Chaiken.

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Josh Chaiken Participates in AWA AGORA Webinar

On April 15th, the KPF Principal discussed “Food Nourishment Place: An Architectural Perspective,” in the premiere episode of AWA AGORA’s third season.

Chaiken joined AWA AGORA host Abhay Wadhwa, Founder and Design Principal of AWA Lighting Designers, to discuss the relationship between food sourcing and location. The conversation revolved around the term “Farm to Table” and how the concept can be transferred between a single home to an entire city. “Table” serves as an architectural framework and when related to items one would find on a table (i.e. food), the term extends to reference ideas of health and well-being.

AWA AGORA is a weekly talk show that features conversations with leaders in the fields of design, research, technology, and art. The event took place on April 15th at 10 am EST.