Panorama St Paul’s, London. Credit: Uniform.

Hudson Commons, New York. Credit: H.G. Esch.

Oriente Green Campus, Lisbon. Credit: Courtesy of Norfin.

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John Bushell Presents at Bisnow’s “UK Construction & Development: Retrofitting for the Future”

The presentation will explore KPF’s approach to adaptive reuse and the potential for transformative projects that improve environmental performance and better integrate historic projects in their urban context.

John has long been an advocate for architectural reuse, exploring the potential for sustainable development that improves the wider city. In his presentation, the KPF Principal will highlight case studies from KPF’s global portfolio, illustrating a variety of approaches and outcomes, such as Panorama St Paul’s in London, Hudson Commons in New York, and Oriente Green Campus in Lisbon.

Delegates at the event will hear from expert speakers on the opportunities and challenges of investing and constructing retrofitted schemes, discover the unique benefits of doing so, and learn best practices in this ever-evolving market.

The conference will take place on July 4 at Building 7, London. Learn more here.