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James von Klemperer Discusses Iconic Architecture with ULI Italy

Available to stream now, KPF’s President and Design Principal was featured in the first episode of the new podcast series “Conversazioni sulla Città” (Conversations about the City), where he provided insight into the firm’s focus on project context and community impact.

The conversation with podcast host Fedrico Chiavazza, of ULI Italy, begins with the idea that the building’s physical design is not the beginning of the project, but the culmination of detailed research into the climate, culture, and community present at the site. “More so today, given the demands of density and the interactivity of the pieces of the city, the architect is a little bit more like a weaver,” Jamie explained, as he highlighted KPF’s recent focus on transit orientated developments and projects that expand to entire neighborhoods.

The first season of “Conversations about the City” spans seven conversations, exploring the relationships between architecture, public spaces, transportation, social infrastructure, sustainable communities, innovation, and digital transformation.

Listen to the episode here and view the full series here.