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James von Klemperer Discusses Design in Detail with World-Architects

The KPF President and Design Principal spoke with the platform on the firm’s choice to self-publish the book, which takes an in-depth look at the craft of 14 global projects.

Looking at the increasing trend of self-publishing, World-Architects noted the firm’s choice to publish Design in Detail itself, rather than partner with a publisher from previous collaborations. “Naturally, a book about making things should call attention to its own physical assembly: how it was bound, the cloth chosen for the cover, paper weight, etc.,” Jamie shared. “Also, throughout the process of self-publication, the affiliated arts of graphic design, type setting, and photography were more directly within our control.”

The interview touched on what KPF hoped to accomplish with self-publishing the book and how it relates to the firm’s ethos, in addition to the gratification that comes with creating a book internally and producing it from start to finish. Celebrating both the macro and micro details of some of the firm’s most well-known projects, Design in Detail recounts the process of construction, including the sources of materials and the skills of people who realize the physical product.

World-Architects is an online platform launched in 1994 to bring together a global network of architects and designers. Read the full article here.