At Southbank Tower in London, a 1970s office tower was transformed into a mixed-use development. Credit: Timothy Soar.

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James Miles Presents at the Inaugural CTBUH Europe Conference

On June 23rd, the KPF Director will present a selection of the firm’s transformation projects in the talk “Opportunities from the Past: reimagining outdated towers to preserve energy and improve our cities.”

The theme of the Conference is “Full Circle, The Life and Second Life of European Tall Buildings.” The event looked at the seemingly opposing goals of persevering the historic centres of European Cities, whilst accommodating contemporary requirements for high-density homes and workplaces.  James presented KPF case studies, from the pioneering retrofit of Tour First in Paris, to the dramatic transformation of Hudson Commons, to explore the potential for sustainable developments that are active participants in their urban environments.

The conference was hosted in Frankfurt from June 22nd to the 23rd. Find out more here.