Hysan Place. Image courtesy of Grischa Rüschendorf.

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Florence Chan Talks Sustainable Design at DragoNation Day 2022

The KPF Director participated in a panel at the Hong Kong event titled Invest for Our Future.

This year’s event focused on sustainable development, and the discussion forum followed the theme by addressing the challenges in promoting green design in Hong Kong. Among the topics discussed was the balance between commercial interest and creating positive change in society, as well as the recent shift toward addressing embodied carbon. Florence shared the story of Hysan Place, the first LEED Platinum-certified commercial project in Hong Kong, which set a new standard in sustainable design while providing a vibrant mix of retail and office space as an urban oasis in the densest of Hong Kong’s neighborhoods. Completed in 2012, the project was ahead of its time in several design aspects.

Florence was joined by Tony Ip, Founder and Director of Sustainable Design at Tony Ip Green Architects, and Henry Tsang, Assistant Professor in the RAIC Centre for Architecture at Athabasca University and Principal Architect at Henry Tsang Architect.

Established in 2008, DragoNation is a non-profit global alumni association of the three Dragon Foundation’s programs for young Chinese leaders with global visions. DragoNation Day is a yearly celebration that offers an opportunity for “Dragons” to reunite, acquaint, and build networks with successful entrepreneurs, innovators, and professionals in diverse industries. It also provides a platform for sustainable leadership training and fruitful experience sharing.

Watch the event here. Florence’s panel begins at the 1:30:00 mark.

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