One Madison Avenue, New York. Credit: Motiv.

Southbank Tower, London. Credit: Timothy Soar.

Panorama St Paul’s (81 Newgate Street), London. Credit: Uniform.

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Florence Chan Presents KPF Rejuvenation Projects for the Guanzhu Lounge Online Live Stream

KPF Director Florence Chan presented One Madison Avenue, Southbank Tower, and Panorama St Paul’s (81 Newgate Street) for the Guanzhu Lounge livestream, which attracted more than 6,000 viewers and finished with a Q&A session.

Florence’s presentation highlighted how KPF designers have taken the principles of adaptive reuse and applied them in innovative ways. The presentation drew on KPF’s extensive portfolio and featured One Madison Avenue, the transformation of an existing, mid-century podium and a new, elegant tower along with over an acre of outdoor space and terraces into a flexible, Class-A office space in Manhattan’s Flatiron District. The redesign retained 67% of the building’s original structure, including the limestone façade, allowing for a significant amount of the embodied energy to be reused. Also discussed were Southbank Tower, a 1970s office tower converted into a mixed-use development on London’s Southbank, which incorporates residences, office, and an enhanced public realm; and Panorama St Paul’s (81 Newgate Street), the transformation of a mono-use office building into a contemporary mixed-use development and the new global headquarters for HSBC.

This year’s theme of rejuvenation focused on large cities such as Paris, London, and New York. Prime sites in these cities are often occupied by aging building stock with limited access to natural light, views to the outdoors, and fresh air. Rejuvenating a building offers new opportunity to infuse upgrades that can attract new populations while reusing the structural bones and embodied carbon of well-located assets. Learn more about this year’s theme here.