The event was well attended by over 50 professionals from the Greater Bay Area.

The conference was held at HKUST(GZ) and included a tour of the Central Hub. Credit: Zhang Chao

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Florence Chan Discusses Sustainable Development in the Greater Bay Area at HKUST(GZ)

On June 22, the KPF Director spoke at the Design for Education Conference, organized by the Hong Kong Institute of Architects.

Acknowledging the rapid development of the Greater Bay Area, the HKIA worked to facilitate an understanding of sustainable design methods amongst educators and industry stakeholders, the key to nurturing a future of environmentalism in the field of architecture.

Florence shared her expertise with the forum, discussing how to design functional human-focused spaces that remain conscious of the environment and context. Using the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (Guangzhou) as a case study, Florence explained how the campus targets carbon neutrality and zero water waste. Not only do the campus’ dynamic spaces foster collaboration and community, but the sustainable strategies implemented on-site create an inspirational environment catered to education.

Fittingly, the event took place at the HKUST(GZ) campus, beginning at 10 am. Organized by the HKIA Board of Mainland Affairs, the conference heard from several accomplished architects alongside Florence, including Allan Ting, Founding Director of ADARC International Architects; Frankie Lui, Founder of Atelier Global; Huang Huijing, Chief Architect of the Guangzhou Design Institute; Kelvin Li, Executive Director of Leigh & Orange Architects; Manfred Yuen, Founding Partner of Groundwork Architects; and Sunny Siu, Founder of 3ft Architecture.

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