South Bank Tower, London. Credit: Timothy Soar.

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Collectively Contributing: John Bushell reflects on the New London Agenda

As part of the New London Architecture (NLA) New London Agenda, Principal John Bushell reflected on how we can collectively contribute to London’s future as a city of equity, sustainability, and prosperity.

“To be prosperous a city needs to continue to change, evolve and be relevant,” John wrote. “Its workplaces and homes vigorously renewed. We need to find the best ways to continue to build. This starts with the assumption that we should keep everything we can, to preserve embodied carbon. Not to keep it the same, but to amend, extend and transform existing fabric into something that makes a new contribution to the city. In the next phase of London’s evolution, we can create hope for the future and achieve the renewal of our built fabric within stringent carbon parameters. Learning from London’s diverse origins, we should be re-enforcing its constituent cities of global significance and mixed-use villages at an intensity that allows London to flourish.”

The New London Agenda is a framework for best practice in city-making mapped out by the NLA and supporting contributors across public, private, and charitable sectors. Read the full thought piece here.